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Welcome to Ando's Art Gallery featuring the works of the amazing Australian Artist Ando.

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From this 'home page', please enjoy a tour of Ando's awe-inspiring
artwork... from the World's Largest Work of Art to the smallest detail!!

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The Big Picture - World's largest canvas painting by a single artist - Ando

Mundi Mundi Man - World's Biggest Artwork by Australian artist Ando

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Although Ando has the incredible skill to create colossal projects such as
the largest work of art in the world, his sense of detail is also evident in
every square inch of each painting he creates on conventional canvas. His
paintings reflect his style of "ando-realism" -- an amazing feel for
perception, depth, shadow and light. His still life paintings have an
energy and action that defy the term 'still'.


"From Palate to Palette" features Ando's contemporary realism wine paintings
The artist Ando combines his love of wine with his love of painting. Every glass,
every bottle looks real enough to drink. He has taken a traditional subject
and has painted it with a contemporary flair.

The quality and incredible detail of Ando's work speaks for itself in every
brush stroke. You feel as though you can walk into his landscapes, or touch
the feathers on each bird.

Ando's love of colour, the outdoors and birds is evident in these bright,
photo realistic paintings. These paintings include a variety of mediums
including acrylic, oil and pastel.
These originals are all sold, however Ando does entertain commission work.

This page will change so check in regularly. Sometimes it will feature a
work of art in progress, or a close up of detail from one of artist Ando's
paintings... or perhaps even one of Ando's paintings from when he
was of Kindergarten age!!

From his first painting at the age of four to the World's
Largest Work of Art at the age of forty, Ando has created
a portfolio of amazing artistic variety. Over one hundred of his
paintings have been published as limited editions and
other various products.
Ando has been an established artist for 25 years in his
native Australia, exhibiting since the age of 15. Amazingly,
this incredibly gifted artist is self-taught and has never
had an art lesson in his life!

In recent years, Ando decided to challenge himself with bigger projects.
He has amazed viewers with the remarkable
Big Picture -- at over 21,000 square feet it is believed to be the
World's Largest canvas painting by one artist -- and the 46
million square foot Mundi Mundi Man, the World's Largest work of art.

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